Lenawee Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (LSAPC)

I had the privilege of designing the identity for the Lenawee Substance Abuse Prevention Coalition (LSAPC) along with some promotional materials. This type of project is full of sensitive subject matter that has most likely effected someone you know. It is important to keep in mind what the substance abuser might see when viewing the logo and materials that is meant to help them. Considering the emotional ties one might have to dark imagery may not help the ones in need but push them away. Why not create a culture where all feel welcome?


There are many studies on the color psychology and it is fascinating. On a different note the meanings of shapes, placement, and typeface (font) that is used are all critical decisions.


Besides the logo there is there is a series of three flip book style brochures on substance abuse that inform and advise on how to work with individuals and find them resources. The imagery was selected carefully to help create that culture that anyone could be effected but also that they could see themselves as being apart of the healing.