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Yes, it is just me.

What do I think? Design is a language that combines experiences, ideas, and problems into visual communication. It has the power to influence, inform, and drive behavior. In order to achieve effective design, understanding who you are designing for is as important knowing who you are designing with. Partnering up with clients, their customers, and embracing their problem is crucial to the design process.

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The Process


Who we are designing for?


Determining your goals.


Put Empathy and Definition together.

The Design Process

You will see that I have diverse portfolio in design, marketing and branding experience. What makes me different from my peers?

Before I take on a project, I immerse myself in it, taking extra time for thorough, deliberate research to match the resulting product with its unique purpose

When I create a design, I focus intently on matching each independent element with the holistic company brand, culture, and message

No matter what is put in front of me, I am deeply committed to making a difference, and ensuring the clients complete satisfaction

My work focuses on Branding and Identity building.

Graphic Design

Branding & Identity Design

Creative Direction

Environmental Graphic Design

Print Design

Design Thinking


What are the challenges in your industry and how to you want to overcome them?


By sharpening your tools in the tool box, we can create new opportunities.


Designing alone is difficult. I need you to work with me.

Getting to Know You

I want to get to know you. With ever project, I invest time and energy into your brand, thoughts, and ideas. Whatever the project may be, there is always a unique challenge. There are constraints, timelines, and opportunities. My goal is to know who I am designing with, just as much I who I am designing for.


Jason invests deeply in getting a rock solid sense of the vision, the project, and the audience. He seems to care as much about your project as you do. It never feels like he’s trying to sell you something.

A Satisfied Client


Jason's work and his approach with clients is a breath of fresh air. I have known him for many years and collaborating with Smarty Design Co ensures that high quality work gets done on time and under the budget of any company large or small.



Some samples of my work. I have worked across many industries and plan on broadening the spectrum. Thank you for checking out my portfolio.

Jason Smart

Graphic Designer



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